VoIPDiscount Provides Free Calls To Canada, Italy And Japan

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Make Free VOIP Calls to any destination

VoIPDiscount comes with advanced technology that enables the users to place free phone calls to worldwide locations. It provides high class call quality and allows the free calls to regular phones in famous locations along with free downloadable software. It offers calls to other phones at economic rates. Moreover, user can make free online (Peer to Peer) calls to his friends and relatives.

Plans offered by VoIPDiscount


In order to use the VoIPDiscount service, user needs to download the free downloadable VoIPDiscount software. There is no commitment and also there are no hidden charges involved. User needs to simply download and install the application on his PC. User can make free calls to any land line number in available destinations and also there are no charges for making online calls.

Steps for making free calls

In order to place a free call using the VoIPDiscount, user needs to follow the below mentioned steps.

– User needs to download and install the VoIPDiscount software on his computer from the website. User can browse the following link for downloading the VoIPDiscount Client.


– Once the VoIPDiscount Client is installed, user can enter the username of the person, he wants to call, in the textbox provided and click the dial button.


– User needs to enter the destination number for making calls to any regular phone and click the dial-button.

User can place free calls to landlines phones and enjoy affordable calling rates for making other calls by purchasing credits.

User can follow the following format for dialling the number

Dial (00 + countrycode + areacode + subscribernumber)

Features and Benefits

VoIPDiscount allows the user to enjoy a large range of useful features

– Permits the user to user SIP VoIPDiscount with SIP devices

– No need of any additional equipments

– For making calls, user needs only VoIPDiscount client and headset

– Enables the user to use VoIPDiscount with many devices

– Provides phone to phone calls with VoIPDiscount


VoIPDiscount enables the user to place free international calls to varied worldwide locations.

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Transcom Sites :
Transcom ISP Kill Spam Domains Servair DAC Software
Make Free VOIP Calls to any destination

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