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With the dawn of the technological age, Americans are constantly on the go. Companies now, more than ever, are aiming to provide the needs of people in a way that allows them to continue at a fast, on-the-go pace. Both magicJackGO and BasicTalk do just that, providing customers with little to no cost long distance plans using Internet connections. Both magicJackGO and BasicTalk provide residential VoIP phone service using high speed Internet, yet they are different. So which should customers choose? Which is better?

The General Idea

The ideas are similar: both magicJackGO and BasicTalk are using high speed Internet connections and some type of adapters to provide home phone service at a low cost. The service allows customers to make phone calls just as a home phone would, without the long term contract, mainstream company cost or excessive set up and installation feeds. The two companies allow customers to acquire phone service in different ways, although there are plenty of similarities.

  • Both require internet access
  • Neither have term commitments/contracts
  • Both have money back guarantees
  • Both market portable adapters, allowing subscribers to use them anywhere that there is internet available

The Differences between the two are in the details

BasicTalk provides the customer with a free adapter, while customers are only paying for monthly service. Everything necessary to acquire telephone service is given to customers at the time of sign up. Like cell phones, customers pay a monthly fee and receive a service plan.

magicJackGO sells the adapter to customers but includes local and long distance calling for free for the first 12 months of service. They also provide a free application for smart phones. After the trial period of one year, magicJackGO offers plans to meet a variety of needs at a variety of costs.

The Plans

BasicTalk provides a free BasicTalk Box to new customers, requiring nothing but a monthly service plan charge of $9.99 per month. This plan includes unlimited home phone service for calls within the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. There is only one option for a plan; the secret to the company lies in its name. There is one basic plan for one price for all customers.

magicJackGO charges $49.95 for the adapter, which is a small USB drive, but offers a variety of calling plans including a monthly, yearly or a five year plan. There are separate international calling plans available as well.

The Hardware and the Software

BasicTalk’s hardware consists of an adapter, the BasicTalk Box, and cables, which are provided free with a monthly service plan. The adapter needs to be hooked up to a wireless Internet router. From there, the service works very straightforwardly as an option on a wireless network.

BasicTalk allows customers to keep their current number, free of charge. One BasicTalk Box works for up to five corded or cordless house phones. The service includes 911 access, anonymous call blocking, do not disturb feature and outbound caller ID blocking.

The magicJackGO adapter plugs into the USB port of a computer or any device. After the software download, initiation and product registration is complete, the adapter can be used anywhere that there is a USB port.

MagicJackGO is more involved, as the software must be downloaded onto the computer with product registration and service initiation. The company offers a smart phone application, making it possible for customers to answer their house phone while out and about, on vacation or in the office. There is a conference call number feature, which sets customers up with a unique number specifically for conference calls. Customers, however, must pay a fee to porting and use of their current phone number.

Both BasicTalk and magicJackGO require high-speed Internet connectivity capabilities in order to work. Both feature 411 directory assistance, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, free calls to same service numbers, portable adapters, and call forwarding. Both companies offer comparable extension services, making them useful anywhere, anytime and any place.

The Cost

The BasicTalk services, while seemingly less expensive, actually cost more over time. The nearly $10 a month fee, over the course of five years, would cost customers hundreds more than magicJackGO. The magicJackGO offers plans over the period of five years, one year, etc. The money paid for these plans saves the customer more money over time than with BasicTalk’s cheaper monthly fee. …

Transcom Sites :
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