In the Conferencing World, IPVideoTalk is a Unicorn

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Because of its traditional cost and complexity, video conferencing has always been more or less unattainable for most businesses.

Traditional video conferencing systems cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement required entire IT teams to manage and were too complicated for most people to use. However, over the past few years, a plethora of affordable and easy-to-use web meeting platforms and video conferencing hardware devices have begun to drive the cost of conferencing down. The problem now has become that there are so many conferencing options and so many different types of platforms that each provide a different combination of services, which leaves many businesses wondering “what platform is best for me?”

With Grandstream, they are not only driving the video conferencing marketplace forward with powerful, flexible yet cost-effective hardware solutions like their GVC3200 series, but they are making the decision easier for businesses looking for a video or web conferencing platform as well. In March of 2016, they released IPVideoTalk – their in-house developed cloud-based video conferencing platform. IPVideoTalk may have started as just a platform for their GVC3200 series hardware devices, but it has evolved to become truly one fo the most innovative and most comprehensive platforms on the market – and one of the only platforms that combines all different types of conferencing and meetings. Most current conferencing platforms offer either web conferencing & webinars or room-based video conferencing – very few offer all three types of functionality. Especially not a platform that combines all three of those functionalities with mobile integration and PSTN support.

IPVideoTalk might be the only conferencing platform on the market that offers room-based video conferencing, web conferencing, a webinar platform, PSTN and mobile integration. It allows you to almost literally hold any type of meeting and any type of webinar that can be attended by nearly any device.

  • You can hold room-based video conferencing meetings with their GVC3200 series which can be joined by web users, mobile users with the IPVideoTalk app and PSTN callers.
  • You can hold web conferences that can be attended by other web users, GVC series devices, mobile users and PSTN Callers.
  • You can turn any of those meetings or conferences into a webinar to allow for registration and meeting reports. These webinars can be hosted on the web or one GVC series device and can be attended by any web user, any GVC series device, any mobile user and anyone who can call in using a PSTN number.

So if you are looking for a fully comprehensive video, web and webinar platform that combines every type of meeting and conferencing that can be joined from essentially any piece of technology, IPVideoTalk is for you. You would be hard pressed to find any platform that does all of that – especially one that doesn’t require a back-breaking cost. I know what you are wondering – yes, it really does all of that.

To make it even better, we are offering all of this functionality at a price that most web-only conferencing platforms cannot match. The price that we offer IPVideoTalk plans at is nearly unmatched on the conferencing marketplace. We offer plans at $25/ $39/ $55 a month and we also offer a customizable plan. Again, these prices are for a platform that combines room-based video conferencing, web conferencing, webinars, mobile and PSTN users – and gives you the ability to mix any of those together. Yes, IPVideoTalk really is that cheap and really does that much.

To take a step further, IPVideoTalk not only allows businesses to be more productive and hold better meetings – but it also allows businesses to save a ton of money. According to Business Travel News, the average cost of a 3-day business trip within the US costs an average of $1,343. That is $1,343 spent to send one person on one trip. Multiple that one trip by the number of trips that a business takes throughout the year and the cost becomes enormous. International trips further increase that cost. In addition to just high costs, these trips make employees out of the office and limit their productivity. For less than half of what it costs to send one employee on a 3 day trip within the US, you can purchase a year subscription of IPVideoTalk to support 50 people. You can use this to hold more meetings, conferences, and webinars that not only allow your employees to be in the office and get more done on a regular basis, but that actually saves you a ton of money at the end of the day.

In conclusion, IPVideoTalk is one of the only conferencing platforms on the market that combines web conferencing, room-based video conferencing and webinars. It allows businesses to meet anytime, anywhere, give a great impression of their business and increase productivity while actually saving money.

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