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ClarityTel Reviews

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Since 2003 ClarityTel has been an industry leader in business VoIP phone service solutions. Their mission is to provide their customers with high quality phone service at a low cost. Through their reliable 24/7 customer service and unlimited scalability, ClarityTel has been praised for their exceptional VoIP solutions and ability to customize plans to best fit your particular business needs.

The benefit of choosing ClarityTel is that there are no contracts. Many companies hold their customers to contracts and packaged plans that don’t always benefit them in the long run, but ClarityTel believes that in keeping the customer first. No contracts or packaged deals, that way you can get what you need at a low price and don’t feel stuck in the same plan. This company understands that limits are not the way to keep your clients happy. That is why ClarityTel also offers unlimited calling in the USA and Canada. Read below for more information about plans and pricing.

Plans and Pricing

Of the many services that ClarityTel offers, one of the highly acclaimed solutions are their Voice solutions that comes with in an array of features to best suit your business needs.

Voice Solutions Plan

The voice solutions plans come with so many features including call waiting, call record and unlimited calling. Take your company to the next level with call logs, conference calling and 911 service from your phone system solutions. The price range for Voice Solutions is $19.99 – $24.99 per month depending on the number of phone lines your business needs.

Fax Solutions Plan

Although it may feel that faxing is extremely outdated, it is still a necessity for many businesses and ClarityTel is ready to help. Keep it simple with the Fax Solution Plan that gives you unlimited faxes at the same simple rate every month, and a local number anywhere in the US and Canada. Pricing for the Fax Solutions Plan range from $11.99 to $14.99 per month.

Read more about what others have experienced with ClarityTel.

RIP Elastix – Hello Renegade and FreePBX

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If you haven’t heard, Elastix, which was once considered a permanent and trusted fixture in open source VoIP, is no longer a thing.

At least, not in the way it traditionally existed. It is now a product of 3CX, which is a good serviceable platform, but it is not the Elastix we all knew and loved. It now joins Trixbox, as the dearly departed.


What’s going on with Elastix?

Elastix Asterisk-based open source PBX platformElastix was one of the first platforms I tinkered with when I first discovered the strangely interesting world of VoIP, and I really liked what it offered. It has a built-in mail server, instant messaging, calendar, CRM, fax server, and of course an Asterisk phone system. It was built on top of FreePBX, which had been a supporter of Elastix for many years. With that said, it never really stood on its own legs. It sported its own user interface, but under the hood sat a somewhat dated version of FreePBX, and of course Asterisk.

Elastix entered a rapid decline after FreePBX version 13 was released almost a year ago, which was a true re-definition of FreePBX and raised the bar for open source telephony. The lack of updated to Elastix (other than cosmetic), left those interested in deploying an open source phone system seeking alternative solutions. While the Elastix software remained functional, Sangoma proved its ability to commercially support its software, and release timely updates and patches.

Before going any further, I’d like to address any confusion on IP PBX appliances since some of my posts encourage cloud based hosting versus on-premise appliances. There are several factors that some use to dictate whether or not you should host your phone system in the cloud or use an appliance. The usual two are CapX and OpX, and which best fits with organizations.  The dirty truth about modern IP phone systems is that they are incredibly inexpensive when compared to systems 10 to 15 years ago. With that said, it’s fairly cheap to use an appliance on-premise which saves you recurring costs and also Internet bandwidth, which might be a game changer for those with limited options when connecting to the Internet (assuming using SIP trunking). There is, of course, another device to maintain, power, and keep cool, but since the CapX is very low, it may be worth it for you.

Conversely, the advantages of a cloud hosted system are apparent, with convenience being a top benefit, but you will always have that monthly expense. You can, of course, migrate from one platform to another (with software like FreePBX) if you find that a particular solution works better for you. Truthfully, I like both solutions for different situations, but for this posting, we’ll be talking about appliances.


Renegade PBX Mini and FreePBX

RenegadePBX mini Appliance (with FreePBX)For those of you looking to migrate from Elastix, or even start fresh, I’d like to introduce to you the Renegade PBX Mini from VoIP Supply. The Renegade Mini is a purpose-built appliance with the small to medium size businesses in mind. It can support up to 100 SIP extensions and 75 concurrent calls. It’s also paired well with Sangoma’s FreePBX, which can ship on the Renegade Mini directly from VoIP Supply.

Inside the Renegade Mini, there’s a dual-core Atom processor, 2 Gigs of memory and SSD storage. It also includes one Gigabit Ethernet port, HDMI out, VGA out, and four USB ports, and one PCI-E port fo telephony cards. Another thing worth mentioning is that the Renegade Mini is made in the U.S.A.

The Renegade Mini can be ordered with various telephony cards with FXS, FXO, and T1 interfaces, so it can use your existing telco connection (FXO, T1) while also fully supporting SIP trunking. A major benefit to the Renegade Mini is that there is a very low total cost of ownership. Essentially, the software is free (utilizing FreePBX), which does not require any licensing, and does not impose any limitations on things like the number of extensions that can exist, or concurrent calls. The only limitations are hardware resource based. FreePBX does offer commercial modules, which you pay for, but none of them are required to have a fully functional system.

Unfortunately, there’s no migration tool when switching from Elastix to FreePBX (Version 13, and soon to be 14), so a clean install is always necessary if switching, but all of the same concepts apply even the terminology since it’s of Asterisk and FreePBX origin, to begin with.

VoIP Supply can help you migrate from one system to another, or even provision a brand new deployment for you for an additional charge. If you’re new to VoIP and want to hit the ground running with an appliance-based solution, reach out to VoIP Supply and they’ll be happy to take care of you.

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VoIPLy Reviews

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VoIPLy is a cloud based phone system company that provides businesses with the best from the latest technologies. VoIPLy recognized that businesses were in need of better, faster, stronger phone communication and they have been providing that exceptional service to over 5,000 companies since 2012. With enterprise-grade calling features available for small business customers, VoIPLy shows how they will do what it takes to go above and beyond for their clients.

Plans and Pricing

VoIPLy offers 4 phone services at affordable monthly prices.

  • Free Plan $0.00/month
  • Basic User $5.00month
  • Business User $15.00/month
  • High Volume User $35.00/month

Free Plan

Although VoIPLy offers no contract plans, this plan allows you to enjoy complimentary setup and 25 outbound pages for free. This plan is great if you want to try out VoIPLy before truly committing.

Basic User Plan

For only $5 dollars per month you can start on VoIPLy’s Basic User plan that gives you 200 inbound and outbound pages, free setup and online fax storage. This plan does not include a contract which means you can cancel at anytime without any repercussions. VoIPLy offers clients a chance to try their plans on a 30 day free trial. So don’t worry if you don’t want to sign up just yet, do the free trial and decide after.

Business User

With this plan for only $15 dollars per month you can expand your business with international faxing, a local fax number and a toll free fax number. This is VoIPLy’s most popular plan.

High Volume User

If you know that you and your office are high volume callers then this is the plan for you. For only $35 dollars per month you and your team can enjoy everything from the Business User plan, but with 5,000 inbound and outbound pages.

See also

In the Conferencing World, IPVideoTalk is a Unicorn

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Because of its traditional cost and complexity, video conferencing has always been more or less unattainable for most businesses.

Traditional video conferencing systems cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement required entire IT teams to manage and were too complicated for most people to use. However, over the past few years, a plethora of affordable and easy-to-use web meeting platforms and video conferencing hardware devices have begun to drive the cost of conferencing down. The problem now has become that there are so many conferencing options and so many different types of platforms that each provide a different combination of services, which leaves many businesses wondering “what platform is best for me?”

With Grandstream, they are not only driving the video conferencing marketplace forward with powerful, flexible yet cost-effective hardware solutions like their GVC3200 series, but they are making the decision easier for businesses looking for a video or web conferencing platform as well. In March of 2016, they released IPVideoTalk – their in-house developed cloud-based video conferencing platform. IPVideoTalk may have started as just a platform for their GVC3200 series hardware devices, but it has evolved to become truly one fo the most innovative and most comprehensive platforms on the market – and one of the only platforms that combines all different types of conferencing and meetings. Most current conferencing platforms offer either web conferencing & webinars or room-based video conferencing – very few offer all three types of functionality. Especially not a platform that combines all three of those functionalities with mobile integration and PSTN support.

IPVideoTalk might be the only conferencing platform on the market that offers room-based video conferencing, web conferencing, a webinar platform, PSTN and mobile integration. It allows you to almost literally hold any type of meeting and any type of webinar that can be attended by nearly any device.

  • You can hold room-based video conferencing meetings with their GVC3200 series which can be joined by web users, mobile users with the IPVideoTalk app and PSTN callers.
  • You can hold web conferences that can be attended by other web users, GVC series devices, mobile users and PSTN Callers.
  • You can turn any of those meetings or conferences into a webinar to allow for registration and meeting reports. These webinars can be hosted on the web or one GVC series device and can be attended by any web user, any GVC series device, any mobile user and anyone who can call in using a PSTN number.

So if you are looking for a fully comprehensive video, web and webinar platform that combines every type of meeting and conferencing that can be joined from essentially any piece of technology, IPVideoTalk is for you. You would be hard pressed to find any platform that does all of that – especially one that doesn’t require a back-breaking cost. I know what you are wondering – yes, it really does all of that.

To make it even better, we are offering all of this functionality at a price that most web-only conferencing platforms cannot match. The price that we offer IPVideoTalk plans at is nearly unmatched on the conferencing marketplace. We offer plans at $25/ $39/ $55 a month and we also offer a customizable plan. Again, these prices are for a platform that combines room-based video conferencing, web conferencing, webinars, mobile and PSTN users – and gives you the ability to mix any of those together. Yes, IPVideoTalk really is that cheap and really does that much.

To take a step further, IPVideoTalk not only allows businesses to be more productive and hold better meetings – but it also allows businesses to save a ton of money. According to Business Travel News, the average cost of a 3-day business trip within the US costs an average of $1,343. That is $1,343 spent to send one person on one trip. Multiple that one trip by the number of trips that a business takes throughout the year and the cost becomes enormous. International trips further increase that cost. In addition to just high costs, these trips make employees out of the office and limit their productivity. For less than half of what it costs to send one employee on a 3 day trip within the US, you can purchase a year subscription of IPVideoTalk to support 50 people. You can use this to hold more meetings, conferences, and webinars that not only allow your employees to be in the office and get more done on a regular basis, but that actually saves you a ton of money at the end of the day.

In conclusion, IPVideoTalk is one of the only conferencing platforms on the market that combines web conferencing, room-based video conferencing and webinars. It allows businesses to meet anytime, anywhere, give a great impression of their business and increase productivity while actually saving money.

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Polycom Picks Worth a Second Chance This Christmas

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This month for our Refresh series we would like to spotlight two Polycom phones that would make a great gift for any business owner or even residential VoIP users that appreciates a good bargain and are not necessarily looking for new VoIP equipment.

polycom IP6000 POEThe Polycom IP 6000 is a great phone to have during conferences or voice meetings. If features HD Voice technology and high-fidelity audio for clear, lifelike conversations. The microphone pick-up extends to up to 12-feet making a great phone for small to medium size business roundtable-style-like calls.



vvx210If you are gifting desk phones this holiday season, we recommend the Polycom VVX201 and/or the Polycom IP560. The VVX201 has 2-line keys and dual ethernet ports. It is a great pick for entry-level employees or front-desk use where minimal phone call handling takes place. Also it makes for a great house phone.



soundpoint-550The IP 560 is a stylish 4-line phone that can benefit any office user from entry-level to manager level. It has tons of features to help facilitate the workday like busy lamp fields and presence and buddy lists. It features HD Voice and wideband audio as well as Gigabit Ethernet based network.

Our Refresh equipment includes professionally reconditioned VoIP equipment. Refresh equipment has been inspected and updated and would make a great gift because it can be trusted to work as new and it is backed by our 6-month guarantee. So wether you are buying for a friend this holiday season or could use an upgrade on your own VoIP equipment, Refresh is the way to go!

Show Me More Refresh Products!

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Our Favorite Things In VoIP! Part 5

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Our Favorite Things in VoIP by VoIP Supply

The final installment in VoIP Supply’s five part series Our Favorite Things in VoIP is loaded with some of the most requested VoIP items by businesses of all sizes! Spoiler Alert! You’re going to want everything on VoIP Supply’s Favorite Things List!


Jon Garbin VoIP Supply



VoIP Supply Consultant Jon Garbin’s Favorite Things!






What is your favorite VoIP thing?


RenegadePBX by VoIP Supply

Why is RenegadePBX your favorite VoIP Thing?

The RenegadePBX by VoIP Supply was created with every size business in mind. It comes in three unique PBX solutions; the RenegadePBX mini, RenegadePBX 1U, and RenegadePBX Pro that can accommodate the needs of small to medium sized businesses along with large enterprises. An open-source PBX series it has the ability to host a variety of platforms making it ideal.

Must-Have VoIP Item.

Plantronics CS540 VoIP Wireless Headset

Plantronics CS540 Headset


Why Plantronics CS540 VoIP Wireless Headset is a Must-Have VoIP item?

Having a wireless headset is essential in the work environment. The Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset frees you of cords and gives you the mobility to use your computer, source materials in your office while on the phone, move around while talking and to generally multi-task which is what most businesses charge their teams with doing and what residential customers love.

WHAT is the VoIP item that you or your customers can’t live without?

Polycom VVX 500 VoIP Phone

Polycom VVX 500 VoIP Phone

WHY can’t you or your customers live without Polycom VVX 500 VoIP Phone?

The Polycom VVX 500 are feature rich enterprise level phones.

You can learn more about these items and order all of Jon’s Favorite Things at VoIP!

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Our Favorite Things in VoIP! Part 4

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Our Favorite Things in VoIP by VoIP Supply

Part 4 of Our Favorite Things In VoIP is a list curated by someone who knows the ins and outs of VoIP! But, what’s equally important is this value driven VoIP Supply Channel Manager puts customers first. So, this VoIP list is filled with items that will greatly benefit residential customers and businesses of all sizes. Spoiler Alert! You’re going to want everything on VoIP Supply’s Favorite Things List!

Don Stefanie VoIP Supply Channel Manager


VoIP Supply Channel Manager Don Stephanie’s Favorite Things!





What is your favorite VoIP thing?

KX-TGP600 and related add on handsets and a desk phone.


kx-tgp600 VoIP Phone

Why is KX-TGP600 your favorite VoIP Thing?

The cordless space is often the go to way to add small office and warehouse flexibility freedom. By Increasing the number of simultaneous calls(8) from its predecessor(3) and adding multiple end point options (including ruggedized and even a desk phone), this was a nice upgrade and easy transition for customers used to the older 500/550 models.

Must-Have VoIP Item.

For most SMB clients I feel like a quality Hosted Cloud Service provider with mobility option via a mobile app is the “Must-Have” VoIP service these days.

VoIP Supply CloudSpan Marketplace Hosted VoIP

Why Hosted Cloud Service provider is a Must-Have VoIP item?

There’s no better way for your growing company to increase efficiency and customer interaction. It demonstrates that even your SMB is an enterprise-class business when your workforce shows extreme responsiveness- handling calls from anywhere.

WHAT is the VoIP item that you or your customers can’t live without?

Plantronics CS520 and APC-41 Hook Switch Control Adapter

Plantronics CS520 and APC-41 Hook Switch Control Adapter

WHY can’t you or your customers live without Plantronics CS520 and APC-41 Hook Switch Control Adapter?

This wireless headset allows you to stay mobile while you work and is the ultimate way to multi-task while working with your customers or team on your VoIP phone.

You can learn more about these items and order Don’s Favorite Things at VoIP!

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Hacked By GeNErAL

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Sangoma FreePBX Bundles Comparison – Choose a Right Solution

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Don’t have time to research all the Sangoma FreePBX bundle solutions? Do you want to be more efficient at shopping for your FreePBX solution without making a wrong decision? You’ve come to the right place.

We see many customers struggle when trying to choose an ideal FreePBX solution for their businesses. Therefore, we went ahead and compared the 4 main Sangoma FreePBX bundle solutions below to save you time and the headache of figuring out which solution is right for your business:

The comparison will be based on Target Users, Adds-on Modules, Price, and License& Support. Let’s get started!


How to Choose a Sangoma FreePBX Bundle?

Take price, adds-on modules, years of licenses and support into consideration when choosing a Sangoma FreePBX solution. Within your budget, choose a FreePBX solution that will meet your business’s needs.

Understanding your requirements and how the adds-on modules can benefit your business is the key to making your investment pay off. Having a ton of unnecessary adds-on modules might only increase your business expense.


Target Users

Sangoma FreePBXAs the name implies, FreePBX System Builder Basic is for basic users such as start-ups and small businesses who have a limited budget and requirements. It covers the fundamental functionalities to keep your operation running smoothly. For small to medium businesses who are searching for more advanced features, FreePBX System Builder Plus can be your go-to solution. With a slightly higher price, you will obtain 8 more adds-on modules that will increase your business’s efficiency.

FreePBX Call Center Builder is designed for dedicated call centers who deal with higher call volumes. Adding in advanced reporting tools, FreePBX Call Center Builder enables users to monitor and analyze call activities at the blink of an eye.

If you are en enterprise looking for a full-function solution, consider FreePBX Everything Builder that covers most of the Sangoma FreePBX modules. This solution is a great deal, offering $4200 worth modules at an affordable price.


Adds-on Modules and Price

Below you will find what specific adds-on modules each solution has to offer. To learn more about each Sangoma FreePBX adds-on module, be sure to read our blog series: Sangoma’s FreePBX Modules.

  • ($225.00) System Builder Basic comes with five critical adds-on modules including Endpoint Manager, FreePBX Phone Apps, SysAdmin Pro, Extension Routing, and UCP for EPM.
  • ($525.00) System Builder Plus includes the most popular adds-on modules. Aside from the modules you can get from the basic bundle, the Plus bundle takes you to the next level with additional 8 modules: Park Pro, Page Pro, Class of Service, Conference Pro, Call Recording Reports, Fax Pro, Extension Routing and XMPP management.
  • ($1,275.00) Call Center Builder highlights its reporting tools such as QXact Reports and Call Recording Reports. This solution also offers Call Management tools such as Class of Service, Extension Routing, Pinset Pro, Conference Pro, Caller ID Management and Advanced Queue Enhancements, including Outbound Call limiting and VQ Plus and Queue Callback.
  • ($2,900.00) Everything Builder offers all Sangoma’s Commercial Modules (23 modules in total), except for FreePBX High Availability. See the whole list here.

See the chart below for an overall comparison:

Download the comparison chart HERE


License & Support

All the FreePBX bundles listed in this post require FreePBX 2.11 or greater to work and will only be officially supported on the Official FreePBX Distro platform. A 25 year usage license with 1 year of upgrades is included with the purchase of any of the four FreePBX bundle solutions.

See all Sangoma's FreePBX Solutions

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VMware Obtains Another SDN Option with PLUMgrid Buy

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PLUMgrid is a natural for VMware, because the Palo Alto-based company is investing heavily in network virtualization, security and OpenStack IP.